“Employees from across the 3 Rugby sites held a demonstration today, 8th April , in support of the European Day of Action against GE’s upcoming mass redundancies.

Despite being moved off company land the company shot themselves in the foot as the demonstration took place at busy traffic inter-section with hundreds of vehicle’s passing by and the group was heartened by the many car horns sounded in support.

Apologies to those who were stuck in the traffic as cars slowed down to read our placards and banners.”



The GE Select Negotiation Body (SNB) established to set up a GE European Works Council expresses full support with their European colleagues from the GE (ex-Alstom) threatened to lose their jobs. The plan announced by GE to align and integrate the ex-Alstom activities in GE foresee 6,460 job cuts.

The GE SNB is joining with the workers concerned by the restructuring plan in their call to the management to engage in a constructive dialogue with the workers?? representatives to find alternative solutions which will secure both the future of the GE industrial activities and its employees.

The commitment of GE to engage into a meaningful information and consultation process with the ex-Alstom workers?? representatives will be a strong signal for the future GE EWC.

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